Gear Inspection

For many years gears could be inspected on stationary gear measuring machines only because alternative technology was limited.

By significantly improving technology we are able to exceed such limits now.

GAGE MASTER. Made to change!

Gear Inspection 'Onboard'

Check your gears on any production machine…easy…efficient…economical.

Gear Inspection - Incoming Goods

Do you want to know the quality of gears
supplied by your sub-suppliers?
… even before they are delivered at your door?
… and even before you had to fully pay them?
… now you can!

Gear Inspection - Unlimited

> Evaluate your data in metric or inch
> Select your evaluation standard as per DIN / 
   ISO / AGMA / JIS or customized tolerances
> Select between 14 different input languages
> Measure gears without limitation in Module,
   Gear Diameter or Helix Angle